Full Biography

My parents are Claire and Ian Furphy. They’ve been a couple since January of 1985. They’ve been happily married since December of 1986, too. I have one sibling, an older brother by the name of Mark. Mark lives halfway across the world in London, England where he enjoys a successful career as a marketing and public relations professional.

I completed my education at RMIT University in Melbourne. I had a great time attending RMIT University. I learned a lot about graphic design during my time at the prominent public research university. I also made many close friends. My best friend is Robert. I met Robert during my first yet at RMIT. We have been practically inseparable ever since. We were even flatmates for a short period of time right after finishing our degrees. Robert, like me, also works as a graphic designer. We share a strong enthusiasm for design and for all things aesthetically pleasing and interesting. When we first met, we bonded over our intense love of modern art and clean lines.

I have quite a few pastimes and interests. I consider myself to be quite a well-rounded individual. Although I truly adore art and graphic design, they’re far from the only things that interest me in life. I’m also quite a talented cook if I say so myself. I have been watching my mother in the kitchen since I was a young boy. I’ve always been intrigued by her way with cooking utensils and ingredients. I absolutely love the amazing flavours and aromas associated with cooking. I’m just a big foodie in general. Some dishes I enjoy preparing include spaghetti bolognese, fish and chips (United Kingdom style), curry and rib eye steak. I love nothing more than lavishing my beloved family members and friends with excellent food. It makes me feel happy, peaceful and perfectly content.

I have numerous other pastimes and interests as well. These include travel, animals, cycling and football. I am particularly fond of animals of all types. I’ve loved visiting the zoo ever since I was a young child. I once told his father (after a particularly meaningful trip to the Melbourne Zoo) that I wanted to go live in the dessert with all of the wild animals when I finally became an adult. I was particularly enchanted by the lions and tigers I witnessed at the zoo. I’ve always been a big fan of cats regardless of their sizes. When I was growing up, we had a sweet family cat by the name of Daisy. She was a beautiful tabby who had a gentle and patient temperament that often compelled people to compare her to a dog. She really was more like a dog than a cat.

I love keeping physically fit and try my best to do so. That’s why I spend a lot of time cycling. When I have spare time on weekends, I like getting up bright and early to go to the nearby park to cycle for an hour or two. When I don’t feel like spending time outdoors, I instead head to the gym. I try to keep fit by running on the treadmill or by using the elliptical trainer or the stationary bike. When I’m through with my cardio, I try to lift weights for about half an hour. I’m not really the best at it, however. I’m also far from muscular. I think regular exercise is vital for people who wish to lead happy, healthy and energetic lives. I take my health extremely seriously. I want to be able to enjoy life on this planet for as long as possible.

I also like being physically fit because I like the way being in shape looks. I want the people who look at me to think I look strong and lively. I never want to look weak. I never want to look like someone who tires out easily. That just isn’t for me. Being strong looks and feels great to me. I feel great when I have a lot of energy. I feel awful, on the other hand, when I’m zapped of vitality and feel like I can’t even get out of bed. Diet plays a big role in my energy levels. I’m a big foodie but I try to eat as healthily as possible. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have occasional ‘cheat days,’ however. During the week I like to eat nutritious and well-balanced meals that include lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. On the weekends, however, I try to reward myself a bit. If I feel like going to an Italian restaurant and getting a large portion of pasta, I don’t deny myself. If I feel like ordering a pizza with my friends, I don’t deny myself. I don’t deny myself weekend desserts, either. I have quite a sweet tooth. That means that I really enjoy ice cream, cake, cookies and all those types of things. I’m particularly in love with vanilla ice cream, to be specific. I’ve been crazy about vanilla flavour ever since I was a youngster. I’m not ashamed!